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Praetorius Blocksberg Verrichtung. Witches’ Sabbath by Johannes Praetorius.   Walpurgisnacht or Hexxennacht or May Eve, is celebrated from the evening of April 30th to the evening of May 1st. It is considered a second Samhain, as it is exactly 6 months away from October 31st. Basically it has all of the same characteristics as Samhain, or Halloween. The veil is thinner so spirits of the dead can roam. It’s a wonderful time for spellwork and divination.  Strange Fellows Brewing Ad A Very Brief History It was believed that witches would fly to the top of the Brocken in Blocksberg, the highest peak in the Hartz Mountains, by broomstick or goat to dance the night away by the light of bonfires welcoming Spring. ...

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