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Strawberry Moon Shop Update Preview

For this Strawberry Moon update, I have a fun mix of witchy inspirations. The shop update is June 16th.    Jewelry ~Pendants~ Leather cameos that are laser cut and hand painted. They have lovely Victorian-inspired frames and a lovely ribbon so they are elegant and size adjustable.    Witchery ~Nightmare Poppets~ These little poppets have a lovely mix of calming and protection herbs to help you sleep and keep the nightmares away. Immensely popular among kiddos!   Wearable ~Witch Hats~ Handmade witch hats from my other business, Queen Mab’s Store. Now you can find my more popular hats among the other witchy goodness of Fogg Couture. 

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Getting ready for the fashion show season!

I have been so busy with my other business, Queen Mab’s Store, that I feel like I’m starting so late with the fashion show prep this year. I also did something I usually don’t do; I made the main dress design in muslin to edit the pattern. I’m really tempted to dye it black and keep it.

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