Ward Off Nightmares Poppets

Ward Off Nightmares Poppets

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Having issues sleeping? Are you plagued by nightmares and bad dreams? Here is the sleep companion for you! 

These are very popular among kids. 

These herbs have been hand selected for their abilities to ward against nightmares and their ability to calm, and help to have a restful sleep. All of the herbs are grown in my garden or wild harvested, except for the cloves. That is store bought. 

Mullein- protects against nightmares 

Rosemary- protection 

Lavender-calms and helps you achieve a restful nights sleep

Thyme-cures nightmares and cleanses bad vibrations. 

Cloves-wards against nightmares, drives away negative forces, protection 

Faces on the moons are all hand embroidered. Each one is unique. The fabric is a stretch denim with a flocking pattern in the fabric.  

I do not recommend sleeping directly on the pillow or have it under your pillows in bed. Mullein can be very itchy. The fabric keeps everything in the poppet very well but just in case. If you really want to sleep with it I recommend experimenting with rubbing it on your arm first. Otherwise keeping it on the night stand will work efficiently.