I'm a one woman shop specializing in Steampunk clothing & accessories. I'm very inspired by the mountains & the nerds around me. I am from Colorado & still live there with my husband & darling cat, Little Black a.k.a. Lord Petit Noir. Cheers!

Fogg Couture started after I graduated college. I really didn’t know what I was going to do with myself. I went to school for education and graduated with a bachelors in secondary education in social studies and minors in history and religious studies. After my student teaching experience I became very disillusioned with all the politics and sexism that sometimes goes along with teaching and I wanted to find something that actually made me happy.

I grew up Old West re-enacting with my mother (image gunfighters and prostitutes, at least they were the fun ones) and watching sci-fi and mystery shows with my father. It really seemed like I was just met for Steampunk.

I was first introduced to Steampunk through a show called The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne and became obsessed with anything Verne. I loved the style, thought not always historically accurate, which seemed to make me like it more. I put aside my Neo-Victorian interests to focus on school. When I started dating my now husband we got back into Steampunk and started looking into the community more (which there isn't a lot here). I was also still in school so I didn't look to much until I got out.

After student teaching, I started designing, bought a domain name, discovered that I have iWeb on my Mac, and started searching Hobby Lobby and the Arc for finds. Friends started donating fabrics for me to play with so I could start relearning my sewing skills. (I learned sewing in 4-H and it had been awhile.)

I started looking more into the facebook Steampunk communities in the area and discovered a woman calling for designers for a fashion show she was doing. Her name is Karen Holloway and we are still good friends (her and her partner Sue are aunts to Little Black). I have been doing fashion shows and photo shoots with her 3 years now.

I have also in the last year started the League of Fogg. It's composed of myself and my favorite models who all became rather close. We are still figuring out what we are still but we usually describe ourselves as a Steampunk pin up group. We came out with a calendar for 2014 and were also featured in Ladies of Steampunk (November 2013).

ABout Me

    Welcome to Fogg Couture, creating the premier in Steampunk and alternative history fashions. We plan to be one of the best places to find everything Steampunk. We have unique artisan works and wares as well as retail items. Please feel free to explore and enjoy!

    A little more about me: I am greatly influenced by the writings of Jules Verne (hence Fogg for Phileas Fogg). I have been inspired by Steampunk for over a decade now and I hope that shows in the site.

Dark  Victoriana
An aesthetic inspired by the Victorian Era and Gothic subcultures. It is heavily influenced by the gothic writers of the late 1800’s, including penny dreadfuls.

An alternative style and fashion that comes from the combination of the Victorian Era and the Industrial Revolution; i.e. what happens when science meets fashion. Some Steampunk enthusiasts extend the timeline all the way to World War One.

Cryptozoologist and Paranormal Investigator

I have been into the paranormal as long as I can remember. I started watching reruns of Arthur C. Clarke and In Search Of and any other paranormal show that came out, good or bad. My elementary school library for some reason had a whole series of books on UFO’s, ghosts, Bigfoot, etc. Unfortunately when the school got a new principal she got rid of a lot of books including those. They went into storage somewhere, never to be seen again.

I knew the house I grew up in was haunted and it took several years to convince my parents that it wasn’t just my imagination. (Actually I didn’t do the convincing. A woman my father worked with was hit by lightening and suddenly could see angels and ghosts. Although I have never met her and she had never been to the house, she was able to describe to my father exactly what I have been describing for years. When my father sat me done and asked me to recount everything I refused at first since they never listened before. When he explained why he wanted me to tell him once again I gave him the hardest time that a thirteen year old could.)

I have always had a soft spot for the cryptids though. There’s always been something about Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster that just fascinates me.

I’m very excited to be apart of GHOST House Girls! You won’t see me on camera to much (I have horrible camera fright). The only time you will be seeing me is when Isibella makes me :) I’m working on some really fun locations and I can’t wait to get out there more!

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The best way to contact me is to email me at foggcouture@gmail.com. There should be an “email me” at the bottom of each page. I’m contemplating doing a mailing list if there’s enough interest so if you are interested, email me.

I try to be all over the place. Lord Petit Noir is usually the one in charge of these so each and every one is a little bit different from the others.

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Mistress Fogg is a burlesque dancer that specializes in Steampunk and Victorian eroticism. Known for her costumes and her voluptuous backside, Mistress Fogg’s talents and assets transcend time. 

Mistress Fogg graduated from the Spitfire, Sparkle, and Scoops Academy of Burlesque in 2015 and has been delighting audiences ever since. She has performed in bars, clubs, and conventions. 

For booking information please email MistressFogg@gmail.com

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